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clutch slipping?

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  • clutch slipping?

    Ok got a few bugs worked out a of course have a new one.

    I have a 02 750 kat and did a oil change i used Mobil 1 10w-3
    this is the oil. only oil i could get at the time .(Cycle shop closes before i get off work)

    Now when i hit 7 to 8 rpm the clutch slips i ease off the throttle the clutch grabs.. Also if i ease throw the throttle no slippage.

    is it the oil or the clutch going bad or both?

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    Sounds like what i had going on....i dont know if the oil would matter but it could just be the plates and steels that need replaced?


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      From the link you posted for your oil. You used the wrong oil. Never use automotive oil in your bike.
      Here is a link to Cyber's site

      It will explain all the oil technical data.
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        Originally posted by starspan View Post
        From the link you posted for your oil. You used the wrong oil. Never use automotive oil in your bike.
        Here is a link to Cyber's site

        It will explain all the oil technical data.
        ok i will have to send the wife to our local shop to see if they can get a good brand.

        Now the next question is the damage done or will the oil change save me from a clutch replacement?

        I put about 50 to 70 miles on this oil.
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          Hmmm good question. How much did the clutch slip? You might be able to do a oil change and get away with it. If it starts slipping with a oil change you most likeely glazed your metal plates. Look at the metal plates for glazing or blueing. Measure the fiber plates with a caliper. Put the metal plates on a flate plate and measure for warpage. If Everything measures up ok you might be able to try and deglaze your metals on a flat plate and fine grit sand paper. Oh and dont forget the springs. Hope that helped some. If it sounds like to much a new set would be best


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            change your oil ...the only oil close is the goldtop mobil 1 oil extended life or SHELL Rotella T 5-40 syn . if you use these you will be fine ...or buy real bike oil if it still slips you might have to bead blast your steel plates -$10 at a motor shop . and ruff up frictions or replace them and springs why your there - springs $10


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              well i made it to the shop today and picked up some of there Kawasaki 10w-40 ,i havent had a chance to try it out yet though from all the rain but will post the results as soon as i can.

              As for how much it slipped, It real did it around 4 times when i opened on the throttle hard and hit around 8 rpms,of course i dropped the throttle as soon as it did it.

              Other then that it shifts up and down perfect. if i ease through the throttle no slipping..feels like it wants to slip when the power ban kicks in.


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                well after oil change clutch still slipping around 7 rpm ease off a little or take it through with out holding it wide open and its fine ..but seems like its a little better.

                I couldn't remove the oil filter so some of the old oil was left duno if that would make it still slip.


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                  Im having the same problem with my clutch on my 01 750. Clutch slips in the higher rpms. Ive been using Mobil 1 car oil for years and never had a problem until recently.


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                    Did u try to readjust the clutch?
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                      Im posting this here even though I've already posted in your other thread. Car oil in bikes = clutch slipping.
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