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fuel tank - vacuum lines

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  • fuel tank - vacuum lines

    Hey everyone im new to this site was wondering if there were any skilled people that know about the 1989 katana 750. I just bought one that was totally ripped apart. Im trying to piece it back together, and found all of the hoses from the carbs and tank are gone went missing. The fuel petcock looks famaliar with the two main fuel lines. Ive read on here that the smaller one is a vacuum line. And there is one overflow coming out the bottom of the tank., and another one coming from the fuel guage assembly. So Is this correct two overflows on tank one from fuel guage, and one on tank. The vacuum from the petcock goes to number 4 carb? Is this correct?

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    sounds like ya gots it covered. do a search for a downloadable service manual while you're at it
    99% of the questions asked here can be answered by a 2 minute search in the service manual. Get a service manual, USE IT.
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      Right on, you pretty much have it, I was just having the same problem, bought a ripped apart bike and was putting it together... the vacuum line that goes to the fuel cock on my bike (88,1100) was connected to one of the middle carbs,, so 2 or 3.. just thought I'd put that out there.. and then ya there are two "carb vent hoses" that just hang around.. I have mine pointing down.. not sure where they are supposed to "sit"
      Damn I don't know if my main fuel lines are too short or what but I had a ***** of a time getting my hand in there to slide them onto the fuel cock...


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        vacumm line petcock carb

        So this line from the petcock would go to the number 4 carb. Ok so this line connects to wear a carb sync tool would be put on the carb? or is there a seperate vacuum line connection other than the one used for carb syncing on carb number 4?


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          I guess our carburettors are not similar.. Sorry, I'm new too haha.. Good luck man.
          I just figured it all out, I have 1 fuel tank overflow/drain near the petcock, then there is a vacuum line going to the carbs(medium hose)on the petcock, then your two fuel lines going to the carbs(larger)on the petcock, I have the fuel overflow running down past the shock & point down thru a nice opening where other random hoses go thru... and there is a drain off the fuel level sensor than has a long hose.And there are two carb vent hoses, short, hard rubber almost.. I just put them off to the side running out..

          Anyways if this helps you at all right on, remember I have an 88gsx1100f so they probably arent near the same.
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            Yeah I figured it out. The no.4 carb is different as it has an open vacuum passage on the carb while carbs 1,2,3 are closed. The vacuum line connector on this carb is right under the carb sync vacuum attachment. This whole time I thought it was an overflow tube.


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              Right on buddy, good luck getting her started n such, mine fired right up and purred... hoprefully yours'll purr also..