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alternator, ground or what? Help please!

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  • alternator, ground or what? Help please!

    Good day guys.

    1993 Suzuki kat 600cc.

    I parked my bike for like 15 minutes and got back on to go and had a little bit of a whine to the starter. Nothing, dead batt I thought? So I jumped on put it in 4th and let off the clutch and pulled it back in just to get it started to get home. Then I got about 6 miles down the road and it started jerking and rpm were going up and down up and down so I was trying to shift and match the gears, didn't work. It killed and I pushed it off the highway to a parking lot were I had nothing but headlight, taillight and what sounded like a dead battery when you hit the start.

    So I brought it to my shop and hooked it up to a jumped and she fired rate up. Then I took the jump off and she kept running but then i shut it off. I started it again this time discounted the positive battery cable to see if it was the alternator.. She died out right there. Would that work just like checking to see if it's the alternator in a car/truck? I put a multimeter on with the bike running it wasnt going over 11.56-12.00. Should it go up to like 13-14 when running because of the alternator?

    What do you think battery, ground or alternator or?

    Thanks and can't wait for the input!

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    a good battery should show 12.5v or so at rest. a skoot should be putting up 13.5v or so when running. i'd suspect your alternator. it's all one piece (generator/rectifier/regulator) so the simplest is to swap out the whole unit. make one more REALLY good check to see all your connections are clean, firm, and good. actually taking them apart, inspecting, cleaning, etc and try it one more time with a good full charge on the battery. if it's still not putting up 13v or more running it's alternator. you can swap out the regulator or rectifier but it's a whole bunch of monkey business IF it's not the windings.
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      Sounds like an alternator. The best way to check is get the bike started, even if it needs to be jumped. Put a multimeter on the battery and watch the voltage. If the voltage starts to drop then it is something in your alternator circuit, either a bad connection or the alternator itself. If all you connections are in good shape then its a bad alternator. I would have your battery tested as well, just to be safe.
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