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96 kAtana headers what fits

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  • 96 kAtana headers what fits

    i have a 96 katana 600. i would like to mod the exhaust an get rid of the dual pipes. first i have to ask what headers will fit my bike.
    someone told me that 98+ will fit but i need to get a new oil pan, or dent the header pipes. so if that is true ill dent them. but does a gsxr header fit. an what years?
    my friend just got his third hyabusa an he said i could have his headers. but will they line up. like i said not worried if i dent them to if under the oil pan or cut bottom fairings.
    ebay never has katana part lately thats why i asked about the gsxr of they if too? please help. message me or email me

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    Vance and Hines has a full system 4-1 for the pre 600s.

    93 750 Kat

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