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good idle, but slowly raises to 3-4k rpm?

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  • good idle, but slowly raises to 3-4k rpm?

    I have a '95 kat 600. I just synced the carbs today and took it out for a test run. After the engine warmed up, it would run fine, but at a stop sign or coming to a stop, the engine would idle around 3-4k rpm. If i revved it up to about 7k, then let it drop, it would go back to normal idle. Would this have anything to do with the jets? Any suggestions on what to look at? Thanks in advance.

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    Air leak, vac leak, or bad sync.

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      What should i do to check for air leaks? I'm pretty sure the sync was good. As long as the vacuum was good.


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        Short, small bursts of something mildly flamable around the outside of the carbs away from the intake. Hit each boot at the engine, so on. If the RPMs jump, you just found a leak.

        A good option would be rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle.

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