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frustrating engine trouble

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  • frustrating engine trouble

    so i have a 97 katana 600 in my bike, i had an 89 engine in it it ran like crap in the low end then when it opened up it really went. now with this bike it idles rough opens up clean but then it will all of a sudden it feels like it will spark and pops and feels like a little boost it only does this when i open the throttle full. first is this possible related. the cdi was swapped with the 97 one. the bike has a vance and hines muffler, does not have a jet kit yet. the carbs looked clean when i had them apart. the coils are stock 88 ones with 8mm moroso blue wires and ngk plug boots. the spark plugs on this one are the dr8es and when i pulled the 97 ones the had a yellowish look and were dry. so the question now comes down to is it in the spark, wiring harness or carbs?

    any help is great

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    damn chris wish i could help bro!! you dont deserve all this sh!t


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      well, could be carbs but also sounds like coil prob's. do a resistance test on the coils, primary and secondary.
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        duff- i am not surprised i only paid 100$ for the bike to begin with.. so like they say you get what you pay for.

        i think on monday i am going to swap out the wiring harness to the 89 one i have sitting around since is in better shape and while i am at it i am going to check out the coils sinc ei have a spare set sittin around. but its getting frustrating and expensive.


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          if you are near a dealer, might not be a bad idea to get the coils checked there. testing them youself is only good for knowing 2 thing....whether they are 100% dead or not. They may appear ok testing them yourself, but act up once they get hot. The really good test of a coil will put a load through it. There is a machine for that. Even the manual will say the most relaible test is on a machine.
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            Sounds like maybe the float levels are off on the carbs causing a fuel starvation @ high rpm.

            Havent had a chance to dip into the carbs on these bikes yet but I bet they have vacuum sliders which could also be the problem, slide them all with your fingers an see how the slide.

            Also maybe a petcock acting up, drive in prime and see if it helps.