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Heat wrap??

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  • Heat wrap??

    Hey everyone, im pretty new here but i had an interesting question. As i was playing around with my bike i noticed how much hot air was near the intake. I know alot of people on hear say heat wrap your headers, or ceramic coat it but i was wondering if anyone lined the bottom of the intake with any kind of heat tape or anything like that?

    I dont see where it could hurt anything, any thoughts?

    99 750

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    It couldn't hurt in any sense to wrap the airbox, but I don't see any real benefit...

    As for wrapping the exhaust, that's not the greatest suggestion (the fiberglass wraps tend to hold abrassives from the road against the pipes, as well as liquids, increasing how fast they rust). The ceramic coatings work well in that sense, but we're still only talking about a little bit of benefit on a very under-powered bike (I have had a couple sets of ceramic-coated headers on the Kats).

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      Oh yeah, i didnt think it would make a big diference, but everylittle thing helps i thought. Yeah the exhaust wrap makes good sense, might want to avoid using the wrap. Thanks for the info.

      99 750