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88gsx1100f carbs help plz...

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  • 88gsx1100f carbs help plz...

    Hey, looked all over... can't seem to find info/photos on all the carburattor hoses/lines... where do the "vent hose(s)" go? or where should I run them... I know I need to hook the carb vaccum line to the fuel cock and the two fuel lines to the cock.. I also have a very long hose with a small clamp on it running up the left side of the bike, comes up near the starter.. where does this go? to the carbs? to the tank? it runs all the way down near the chain... what hose hooks up to the tank fuel level sensor? the thing with the wires comming out... I got this bike dissassembled and have a couple extra hoses lying around and such... need help please and thanks... Also I have this cable of some sort, looks like it should be for the speedometer, but its smaller and shorter and my speedo cable is already connected... I'll get some photos of all the remaining parts I have to install...

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    Alright well I just hooked up everything where I was certain it would go.. and went from there.. fired up pretty easily accually.. carb boots are loose and burned off a bit of old gas, need a little bit more oil... but ya she'll idle and rev up, I didnt even touch the carbs.. I'll take it out tomorrow and see how she performs.. Probably overhaul the carbs later on... Anyone who can tell me how to bleed the clutch cable please p.m. me, I had it off and now can't seem to get fluid moving thru....


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      snug up them boots as ya dont want vacuum leaks at all. i replied to your clutch bleeding thread, so check there. do a quick search and download a service manual from here. even a crappy Haynes is better than nothing. I prefer the Clymer or factory manuals myself
      99% of the questions asked here can be answered by a 2 minute search in the service manual. Get a service manual, USE IT.
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        I have a hardcopy haynes, and I have a bunch of downloaded breakdowns n **** from the internet, but they all suck haha....