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Fork rebuld confusion.

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  • Fork rebuld confusion.

    Okay, I'm midway through rebuilding my forks and the Haynes manual says it takes 16oz of oil. Is that 16oz total or 8oz per tube? It's not very clear on that point.
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    It's more like 16 oz per tube or 497 ml per tube.


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      I'm not sure where the 497 ml came from, but when I did mine it took a little more than 1L to fill both tubes. I believe something like 1033mL. arsenic may chime in here.
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        Dude, if you want to put 1000 ml in your tubes, have at it. That's a little over 32 oz's. I just did my forks about 2 months ago and only bought 1- 1000 ml bottle of BelRay 10 w. Ok, maybe 494 ml.

        just checked the manual: 478 cc.= 16.1 US fl oz. 1989 on for the gsx f 600
        491 cc= 16.6 US fl. oz. for the gsx f 750.

        Your tubes at 1000 ml per tube will be like a rock.
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          Or measure the level from the top like it says to .....
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