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  • HELP major problems

    I'm trying to do a bandit swap. This motor has a few more issues than I origonaly thought. So i need help on what the heck I should do.

    2 questions. 1 what the heck are the tubes for. Cali emmisions? Can i put a block plate over them? I can't find anything in the 1200 manual that says what they are or do? Is it the Hvac system?

    Also the exhaust valve was a busted hole? What are they made out of? Aluminum? I already repaired the broken piece next to the started gears. Just filled it with weld then taped.

    Also can a bandit 600 head even fit on a b1200? Would that be smarted then trying to weld and fill?

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    Those are cali smog tubes, take 'em off and block them up. As for the 600 head on a 1200 nope, If the valves burned, your gonna have to replace the valve or the head from another 1200.

    Or are you refering to cylinder three # two from the left in your picture since the motors upside down? Are you refering to where the bolt is supposed to go? Then no, you wont be able to weld to it since it is aluminum, however you could have it tig welded.
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      Sorry for not being clear ... pretty sure it can be done I did it for the bottom case, and it seems to hold oil just fine...


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        You can also crimp off the tubes and solder them shut also, my bike's done like that and works fine.

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