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Searched the Forums can't find any problems..Kat gods help me!

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  • Searched the Forums can't find any problems..Kat gods help me!

    Okay, so blah blah, had the 2nd gear issue as a lot of you already know.. fixed it by replacing everything in the transmission, bike had been running FINE except the 2nd gear issue. put everything back together and now i can't get it started and its backfiring hella bad. i didn't touch either cam, or the cam chain or anything that has to do with timing, i didn't mess with the valves or anything. the starter spins the motor with no problem and it sounds like it wants to start but im getting real bad backfiring from all the cylinders, i just replaced the plugs NGK DR8ES (bought 8 just in case lol) could this be a vacuum issue? I have the carbs on there really tight it looks as though theres no way for air to pass the carbs but it still pops like air is leaking somewhere.. i have also added K&N's to the mix, i do have a stage 3 jet kit though. and a FULL exhaust. I know you guys are giong to say take the K&Ns off but i really want to make them work. Please help! There is one wire near the harness that doesn't have a mate but i looked at the wiring chart on the manual and that is the wire for the dimmer in the dash i believe its yellow and white, and i also have an open plug near the battery box that is a female plug with a red wire but there is no male plug to be found, i really don't think this would have anything to do with the motor not running. i really don't think its a carb issue either because the carbs were recently rebuilt approximately 2-3 months ago. complete taken apart and cleaned and put back together. thanks in advance for the help!!!!

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    Is this a post or pre 600 or 750?? If it is a post, I didn't know they made a stage 3, thought they stopped at 1.
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      How did you replace the transmission without touching the cams?
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        he hoisted the engine out the top of the bike with an engine hoist member?


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          Originally posted by arsenic View Post
          he hoisted the engine out the top of the bike with an engine hoist member?
          But that doesn't explain how you split the cases (to get at the tranny gear & forks) without touching the timing chain to remove the cylinders & cams, etc...

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            If you replaced tranny gears you had to have split the cases. I'd say your cams are off a few teeth. Bust out your manual and recheck the cam positions against the crankshaft.

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              i dropped the motor, flipped it over pulled the trans case right off the bottom didn't touch the pistons or anything on top of the motor.. i will look at my manual tonight and see if i can figure out how to adjust timing, is it a headache?


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                the cam chain's lower sequence goes around the teeth on the CRANKSHAFT. And when you split the cases, guess what was exposed. The lower teeth on the CRANKSHAFT.


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                  okay arse, so.. looking at my cam chain, it is just like the manual describes it should be.. now what could it be buddy? i manually turned the signal generator to straight up and down.. the #1 on the exhaust cam points right to the gasket toward the front of the motor and then i go to #2 and count back 21 pins and sure enough #3 on intake cam is pointing directly at it.

                  btw cyber, the lower case comes off below the lower cam chain gear so when i split the cases i just pulled the bottom off (the trans) and left the crankshaft and timing chain in the upper case with the pistons and everything still in tact...
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                    Maybe you reconnected the ignition coil wiring wrong . WOuldn't be the first time ....
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