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90 Kat 600 second gear

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  • 90 Kat 600 second gear

    Like I said in my introduction post I am new to the riding world. I just bought a 90 600. I was told that when you put the bike in second gear it pops out to neutral. This seems to me that it is either a worn or bent shift fork and or a worn gear. I am up for any advice if I am missing something.
    The previous owner had bought another engine off ebay and it has the same problem. I now have two engine with no second gear. What am I loking at for fixing the problem. Does anyone have a how-to on this problem since it seems to be a problem with these bikes. I do have a factory Service manual for the bike.

    I would like all the help and advice I can get. I know that most of you will say that I should up grade to a 750 because it will fit but I would like to keep the 600 since it is my first bike. And I have to two engines to work with. Thank you in advance.


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    my bike does the same thing. I, also, was thinking a bent shift fork, or whatever it's called. I have figured out a way to make it shift and stick, though. My problem was only when I was really on it, like, at high revs in 1st, shifting to 2nd. What I've found is, if I start putting pressure on the shifter at maybe 9-10K RPMs, I mean REALLY pushing it, then when I blip the gas to let it shift, it'll stick. But if I just blip the gas and tap the shifter up, it won't stay in gear, it'll just drop right down to neutral again. I, also, will probably just deal with it until I swap in an 1100-1200 motor (this winter hopefully).
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      Ok since no one has any help for me on this. Can some one tell me what engines wil bolt in. i know the katana 750 bolts in but what about the GSXr's?

      "It is no the speed that kills you. It is the sudden stop." - John Prutzman R.I.P. John.


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        Check the engine swap thread in the mechanic's forum .
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