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Installing an '05 Kat 750 centerstand on a '93 Kat 600

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  • Installing an '05 Kat 750 centerstand on a '93 Kat 600

    I just finished installing a center stand from a 2005 Kat 750 on my 1993 Kat 600. It took a little modification, but seems to work.

    The '05 750 stand:

    After looking at the fiche and the pictures on eBay, I saw two differences to work on. First, the '05 centerstand has bushings, so I had to order them separately; I ordered the bolts at the same time. Second, the hook for the spring was on the opposite side. The '05 stand had it on the left, my '93 needed it on the right.

    First I made a hook out of 1/8" steel that looked similar to the other hook.

    Welded it in on:

    After a quick coat of paint over the weld, I took the bolts holding the mufflers out and pried down on it so I could get the center stand bolts installed. Next, I cut a spring down to size and made a new hook on the end. I may need to shorten it even more to get more tension, as it doesn't seem to be pulling up on the center stand with much force; the main thing holding it up is where the foot lever rests against the exhaust pipe.

    After putting it up on the stand, it looked like it was seated against the frame well:

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    Good writeup, this means more options for us with pre Kats now! I vote this be moved to the 'How To' section.

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      Nice job, you make it look so easy
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        Nice job!
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          Great job!

          Another recomendation for the how to section.

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            Thanks, I got it for a decent price, and there seem to be a lot more "post" center stands than "pre" on eBay.


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              Good job, I have to ask though, Why not just cut the tab off adn weld it on the other side if the stand?
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                Originally posted by frobotz View Post
                Good job, I have to ask though, Why not just cut the tab off adn weld it on the other side if the stand?
                Because my fallback position if it didn't work was to resell it on eBay

                In retrospect, I probably could've just bought a standard hook and welded that on, it didn't need to look like the existing hook.