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93 kat 600 wont run

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  • 93 kat 600 wont run

    I just got my first bike a 93 kat 600. When i got it the thing was not running at all. The kid i got it from took the tank off to paint it and couldnt get it running after. Said it ran rough before until high rpms.
    I got it running and found it was running one 3 cylinders. #1 was not firing. Changed plug and it warmed up the next time i got it to fire up. but it is leaking gas out the two small orifices in the back of the carbs ALL of them(toward the air box)and the two hoses that i belive are the over flow hoses one between #1 and #2 carb and another between #3 and 4 toward the bottom of the carb. I have the other two hoses which come from the same spots but toward the middle/top of the carbs to each end of the patcock. I have the vac. line from the right side of #4 to the middle of the petcock.
    I have two kids so not to much money to spare hope to do it all myself.

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    Sounds like yu vacuum petcock is on prime instead of run. Overflowing the carbs. I would pull the plugs and turn the motor over just in case you filled the clyinders up with fuel. Alos note your engine oil for level and fuel smell. If its higher than it was or smeels very diluted with gas, Drain and put fresh oiul and filter on it. I bet it wont start becasue your plugs are fuel fouled. It might not be dead on, But its where I would start.
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      Frobotz is on the right track. But a common misconception is if you leave a bike on prime it overfill. A PROPERLY functioning needle/seat and float levels will not allow this too happen. I run mine on prime all the time and have never had an over flow. You need to pull the carbs off and thorughly clean them and reset the float levels. Read carbs 101 and print it off so it's easy to have by your side.
      Must read for carb tuners......


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        there is also a drain tube from your airbox that exits just below and behind the motor. pull the cap and let any gas from the airbox drain, and be sure to put the plug back in. the gas in the oil comment is very important too. do an oil and filter change after cleaning the carbs just for good measure. if you get alot more than 5 quarts out when draining it, you might want to remove and empty the oil cooler too as that will have gassy oil in it also. the petcock should not allow any gas thru when either "On" or "Reserve" (tank off, no vacuum to petcock) and run gas when set to "Prime" with no vacuum. if it doesnt work proper, order a petcock rebuild kit from TheCyberPoet. he's also a great sourse for filters, cables, plugs and the like. FYI: make sure the oil drain plug has a new crush washer on it to prevent any drippage.
        99% of the questions asked here can be answered by a 2 minute search in the service manual. Get a service manual, USE IT.
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          Thank you

          I appericate the help i will order the petcock rebuild kit because it doesnt let an fuel out on prime or run (with bike not running) Is there a specific plug you guys run or just NGK DR9ES-L? i am leaveing for vacation for a week in a few days i hope top get to it before that i will let you know what the out come is.
          What are the two small orifaces in the back of the carbs?
          I have had the airbox off the whole time Would that have any affecton starting or running? Can i just put velosity stacks( the small cone style) filter one on each carb?
          Sorry if these are dumb questions i am new to the bike thing But again thank you very much for any help

          Where is a good place for a few parts? Winshield, (mine has a small piece missing) Front fender (Didnt have one when i bought it) And a chain guard
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            Airbox off WILL effect how it runs .
            Velocity stack probably not a great idea .
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