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Attn: Motorcycle Mechanics - Please HELP! - Clutch pin question

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  • Attn: Motorcycle Mechanics - Please HELP! - Clutch pin question

    Hello All - I am having a problem here and need some advice.

    I removed the front sprocket cover to get access to the neutral switch (neutral light problems). I haven't been able to pinpoint the problem yet, but I wanted to put the bike back together for now. When re-installing the cover that I removed, is there anything special I am supposed to do? I put the cover back on, making sure the pin was in the clutch lever spring mechanism, and screwed all the screws back on tightly. My problem is, why can't I move the rear wheel anymore when the bike is in gear (with the clutch lever pulled)? I recall that when the bike is off, its very easy to roll in Neutral, and in gear, with the clutch lever pulled, there was only slight resistance to roll the bike before. Now, There is a ton of resistance and I can barely move the bike.

    I put it on the center stand, turned it on, and switched a few gears and gave it some throttle, it seems like something was wrong, wasn't running smoothly, shaking. I'm not sure if I was supposed to do anything special (timing related, should the bike be in a certain gear, etc.) when putting that cover back on.

    P.S. I already adjusted the screw on the outside of the sprocket cover (under the black plug) so that I have a bit of play in my clutch lever.