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93 Katana 750 Erratic Idle

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  • 93 Katana 750 Erratic Idle

    Recently cleaned a set of carbs on a 93 Katana 750. I bench synchronized all 4 carbs with a feeler gauge and got them synced fairly well with vacuum gauges once installed on the bike, (they're pretty close but there is some fluctuation). The bike seems to run well except for the idle. When I rev it in neutral it drops down to approx. 2000 rpm and then slowly returns to roughly 1000 rpm. After idling at 1000 rpm, the idle will begin to drop and the motor stalls. I have all the idle screws set to 1.5 turns. Thanks for the help in advance.

    PS Anyone recommend a top-end kit?

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    idle screws? the a/f screws should be in the neighborhood of 2.5 turns out. if your idle still dont play well reclean the pilot circuit. as long as you have to pull the carbs to reset the a/f screws you might as well clean the pilot circuit again while you're at it.
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      All you want to know is right here ~


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        What filter are you running?....

        bump of the throttle, hanging high revs then slow drop to rough or no idle means your way lean.

        If your running pod filters, you may have to turn the a/f screws out more than 2.5... I had to go 4.25 turns out on my 93 750.

        93 750 Kat

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