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front sprocket problem

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  • front sprocket problem

    Hey guys,

    Couple weeks ago strange noises appeared from the front sprocket side. Yest i took everything apart and noticed that the noises are internal, which i assume has something to do with the front sprocket bearing. The previous owner had over tensioned the chain for a significant period of time. As soon as there is the slightest tension on the chain (like when i sit on the bike) the noises appear.
    I inspected the chain, and it's still in a fairly good shape, all the teeth on both sprockets are in good shape as well.
    am i on the right direction?
    how is easy/hard is it to change that sprocket bearing?

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    really easy, considering it doesn't exist.


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      I'm guessing what you're after are the bearings for the drive shaft? Which would be part of the transmission -- sounds unpleasant to replace.


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        doesn't exist?..... how come though, how can the sprocket shaft rotate smoothly without a bearing?

        yep, it does sound unpleasant but i have to do cause those noises dont sound healthy at all. I'm gonna go to suzuki today chat with one of the mechanics over there, see what he's got to say about it.
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          Originally posted by Spike View Post
          doesn't exist?..... how come though, how can the sprocket shaft rotate smoothly without a bearing?
          Probably because you called it a sprocket bearing. The sprocket does not have a bearing, the drive shaft it is mounted on does.


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            there is no "front sprocket bearing". There is a shaft bearing on the transmission that would require you to split the cases and use a gear puller to get the old one off and an arbor press to press a new one on. And I've never replaced that bearing, ever.


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              I am a newbie so I'm not too familiar with the right terminology but yeah thats the bearing i'm talking about. Took the sprocket out and could actually see that the only way to take this thing out is by spliting the case. Thats sounds like a nice winter project. Thanks for your help


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                Its the output shaft bearing, a common problem if the chain has been overtightened for any length of time, cases will need splitting & you will need a puller to remove it buth the new on is easilly pressed on with no special tools

                cheers tone
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