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New chain noise?

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  • New chain noise?

    Just got a new RK chain and new JT sprockets installed last week.

    Old chain had at least 4 inches of lift on it has 20k on it..probably original chain.....

    Anyway..I digress....ever since new chain was installed there appears to be a noise coming up from the fork area of the bike.....when clutch is in and rolling at speeds noise long as the chain is engaged and spinning the noise is there....

    Was scared for a while thinking my front bearings were grinding.....

    Is it normal during a new chains break in period there to be some degree of noise from the front sprocket area?

    Chain was installed by a bike mechanic btw..I didn't do it myself....

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    sounds like the same problem i have "front sprocket problem" thread. I took the whole area apart and inspected the chain when the wheel was spining and still got those noises. However if i loosen the tension on the chain, the noise was gone. try to loosen it up and see if noises are still there. If it is, than we are in the same boat here.

    I'm almost sure its the internal front sprocket bearing.


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      You shouldn't have any noise from a new chain - did you verify about an inch of slack in the chain with the bike on the kickstand? Tightening the chain too much will place a strain on the chain, sprockets and bearings when the suspension attempts to flex. Another thing to check is the alignment of the sprockets - many times the factory alignment marks are
      not accurate, and it's possible they may be out of line, causing the noise during coast down.
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        Appreciate the ideas....

        There is good slack when sitting still....

        I'm just going to take it back o the shop and *****.....after paying 300 bucks parts and labor....damn gold chains are expensive....I deserve to feel safe riding it now.


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          you might have to retighten the slack after the first 100 miles just a little bit. they strech the first 100 miles . my 520 D.I.D. did on the rz-350


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            Was just stretching....

            Took it back to the shop...they tightened it back up and it went away...

            Thanks for the info all!


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              That's good.

              I was going to post that the master link may have been pressed on to much and was causing that link to bind.
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