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Sick of fouled plugs. i want nuclear coils.

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  • Sick of fouled plugs. i want nuclear coils.

    So is there a set of coils i can get that will crank a bit more juice into my plugs? the only place around here that has replacement coils is Richmond motorsports, which wants about 189 for a stock replacement coil.

    Aside from the higher juice output, my plugs for cyl 1 and 4 have separated from the wire, and i've had to jam them on and cut the wire insulation back just to make contact- and i've been told if i want new plug wires i'm probably going to buy new coils to get them.

    figure if i'm gonna do it, may as well upgrade if possible. suggestions?

    if you have a sweet idea, i'll make you a pretty sculpture out of my mountain of fouled NGK JR9B's.
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    JR9B's ? Should be JR9C's ......
    Yes , there ARE aftermarket coils . But whether or not they're worth it depends on whom you speak with .
    Yes , the boots come off easily . And twisting them back on ain't gonna hurt nothin .
    Stock coils ain't THAT hard to come by .
    You SURE you don't have some other underlying problem causing the plug foulage ? I mean , part of my weekly ritual was cleaning/replacing plugs . After a few years , I traced it to a non-stock pilot jet : . Just sayin ....
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      The stock plug boots twist onto the wires so if you're just jamming them on it's probably not doing any good. Check the resistance of the coils to see if they are defective too. You shouldn't be fouling plugs often unless you are running really rich.

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        SInce this is a plugs thread...

        Has anyone ever tried E3's in their bike?

        Sorry for the hijack


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