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Ominous clatter from '88 1150

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  • Ominous clatter from '88 1150

    I've been enjoying my recently acquired '88 Big Kat, but I've recently noticed a disturbing clatter from the engine. I'm wondering if anybody else has encountered something similar and might have any suggestions for further analysis and/or remediation.

    Specifically, there is a loud clatter when the engine is under load - loudest heard around 5,000 RPM. It pulls well in the higher RPM ranges, and the clatter seems to abate as well.

    I took it to my local Suzuki dealership, and two different mechanics rode it and confirmed the noise, but could not offer any theory as to where it was coming from. These were young guys, so they likely have limited experience with this vintage Katana.

    I do know that the brackets that mount the oil cooler to the frame are both sheared, and the rubber mounts on the bottom mounts of the oil cooler are also worn. I've tightened the oil cooler to the frame with some nylon zip ties enough that it doesn't move any more - is it possible that there is enough vibration that this could be the cause of the clatter?

    I am scared that this could be something much more ominous, such as connecting rod, valve train/cam chain, etc... I don't want to find out by having a rod come through the case!

    I'm very interested to hear any thoughts on this!
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    Clattering sounds like either out of spec valves or a loose cam chain.
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