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am i suppose to see oil squishing around in crankcase window when running

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  • am i suppose to see oil squishing around in crankcase window when running

    because it shows to the full mark when off and on middle leg rest after cooled. im just not sure, because before i changed and i started when oil was bad and old,it showed squishing around when it was running,,,may have been because when i inquired about bad oil and changing and many other prior problems when i first bought which the bike sat some 5yrs without being started or maintained,,,and futher had gas in tank,,,yes it stunk somthing awful and smoked like a demon and when i emptied it out it smelled like it had a lil gas in it also,,would this have made me be able to see it when it was running because crankcase was oil and gas in it as well,,,what caused gas to get in oil carb bowles filling ill bet? do need to know this! It sputtered ,,putt putt sounding from exhaust,before i changed oil and treated it as much as i have so far but now not that much at all,,,i still dont like the fact when running and i start i can feel the cam shaftsmoving some what but it did disappear after a few min should it be doing this after i changed the oil and filter ??,reason im explaining all this is because bike was hard to start and when it did and still has to have the choke on which tellz me yes carbs are not healthy and or gumed up from old gas,,,well ive treated the oil and fuel system 2 days ago and pretty much just rode the thing as much as possible to try to blow out and get new gas going thru system,,,treatments i think are working,,because before it had to be left on full choke and fuel swithch left on prim,,,now i an turn prime off,,i forgot to check to see if i can turn choke off,,,but i thinking i can and if so this tellz me the cleaning is working,,,i used seafoam1/2 to half filled tank,,,will do it again with the remaining when this tank gets emptied,,,hope this was cool,,,all i know is it needed somthing to help it cus it was bad,,throttle which use to hesitate when trying to excellrate,,,getting a little better,,will definately check tomorro,,,i think this thing is being revived,,,has anyone ever known one to come back to life without ever having to go into carbs,,bike only had 1800 miles 98 suzuki gsx600f katana and owner purchased it had 1000 so he only put 800 of them there,so i just wanna make sure to know if im suppose to be seeing oil squishing around and up against crank case window i mean in other words when started is it still suppose to be showing full and should it be no oil showing in window meaning its being squished around in crank case,,i think im right just wanna make sure thanks sorry so long maestro
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    WOW that was hard to read. I am not understanding the part about you feeling your camshaft. You will probably have to clean your carbs. Yes it is normal NOT to see oil in the window when it's running. Check it on centerstand when it's off and should be halfway in the sight glass. Seafoam was a good idea but I doubt it will fix 5 years of old gas. Might as well get new plugs too, that old crap probably fouled them.
    Must read for carb tuners......