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Some please help me gas in my Filter

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  • Some please help me gas in my Filter

    my 92 kat is leaking gas when i start it coming out of the 2 middle carbs where the air box claps are
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    Can you tell if its just a cracked hose?
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      replace cracked hose the "T"

      would it be better if i show video
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        Is your picture upside down?

        The boot from the airbox doesn't look like it is onto the carb fully (almost not at all). Gas would certainly be coming out there if that was the case. Although it would be running pretty bad if that were the case.
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        -2000 "750"


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          right way bent down took pic ,it was always like that since i bought it. had it since november 08 never had that prob. i was at the gas staion putting gas than i started it up and looked down and saw gas driping


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            there is also a drain around the edge of the filler which vents out teh bottom of the tank next to the petcock. it usually has a hose on it routing any fluids past the motor and dumps beneath the skoot. did you slop some gas into the rim around the filler? that hole up there is to drain any slopped fuel, or wash/rain water and keep it out of the tank.

            i agree about the airbox tho, that boot defininately does not look to be on all the way. did down far enough to get the filter out and reach in, making sure all the boots are completely on all the carbs, and sealed against the airbox. retighten each clamp as you're holding the boot in place from the inside.

            you also may have a bad hose or connection.
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