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Minor oil leak

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  • Minor oil leak

    Ahhhh.. didn't think it was a big deal, but its a big deal after its been driven for a bit..

    The leak is coming from the left. In the picture, the gear pedal is on the right. The leak is coming from the messy gasket..

    My question is, what is this and how much work will it be?
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    Pan gasket?
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      Thanks (:

      I took off the lower fairing so I could get a better picture of what I'm dealing with and ya it looks like it.

      I'm not stoked about removing the fairings to remove the exhaust to get to the oil sump =/

      Anybody have problems with me RTV'ing it rather than buying a gasket?


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        If I remember correctly, (which sometimes isn't alot) there isn't a gasket but suzukibond. Suzuki version of permatex but alot better. I would use the good gold permatex but don't over do the bead.
        Must read for carb tuners......


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          No , there's a gasket . But I've used RTV myself in the past .
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            just a lil mule snot

            A pain in the A$$ no matter how ya slice it!. Try the Permatex, if it still know what ya gotta do.
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              it is all of $9.86 for the #2 gasket! put a lite film of permatex on the pan side to insure the leak won't come back.
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                don't use cheap silicone or permatex **** people... use what is recommended
                That cheap crap will leak before you know it.

                use Threebond 1211 or Yamabond/suzuki bond if you must
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                  Originally posted by ThAzKat View Post
                  it is all of $9.86 for the #2 gasket! put a lite film of permatex on the pan side to insure the leak won't come back.

                  It may be $10, but I'd have to wait.. I have to order a bunch of nuts and bolts anyways to properly put on the fairings on this bike, so I'll probably just add it to my order with Cyber Poet


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                    Little update...

                    took off the old gasket and ended up using some permatex gold.

                    Rode it around for 20mins and seems leak free now yay! No more oil stains on my drive way!