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  • jet kit idle

    ok so I had a Ivan's jet kit put in about 2 months ago and havent been able to ride the bike a whole lot lately cause of the weather. But my general question is does the idle vary after having the jet kit put in? when i'm at stop lights the idle will sit at like 2,000rpm sometimes and then other times it will come down to like 1,200-1,300rpm which is where i like to see it and i have to adjust the idle more than i would like this normal? and if not is there a way that this can be fixed?
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    not normal, anything can be fixed.


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      Warm the bike up with a short ride. Stop, place it in neutral. Bump the throttle and....

      If it hangs, then drops after a moment, the most likely problem is your a little lean. Turn out the a/f screws 1/4 turn, and check again.

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        check for vacuum leaks, they can cause bouncy idles. a/f screws not set properly will also. did the skoot get sync'd after the kit was put in? were the carbs cleaned at the time also? if the idle wont settle down clean the carbs again (pilot system plugs EASY), check the a/f screws are set right, and sync soon as you can get a steady idle
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          It's not lean if he followed ivan's directions -- his carbs are gummied up with fuel residue or his throttle cable is too tight.

          Easy way to tell if it's the throttle cable: engine off, turn handlebars all the way to the right, twist the throttle half-way open and release. Did you hear a definitive click immediately as the butterflies slapped closed? If yes, then it's not the cables; if no, then the cables are too tight.

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