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Rebuilt engine trouble starting

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  • Rebuilt engine trouble starting

    I just finished rebuilding the engine, all the way down to the piston rings which i also replaced, of my 93 gsx750f so my bike had been sitting for about 8 months (i know it took me a while but life gets in the way sometimes). As murphy's law would have it my bike won't start.

    1. I followed the cam timing procedure to the letter so the cams should be fine
    2. I can hear the engine turning over
    3. Engine has gas
    4. Can smell gas in the exhaust
    5. Fully charged, 6 month old battery
    6. Replaced spark plugs (checked that they are getting power)
    7. The engine is not catching at all
    8. Replaced oil and fuel filters

    Any kind of advice or tips and trick to get it going would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.

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    are you sure that you have the coil wires going to the right cylinders? How much compression does it have when cranking it? Did you hone the cylinders for the new rings, or just put new rings in it? If you have fuel, spark, decent compression and proper ignition timing it should start and run.
    '05 GSXR750, '86 FZX700 Fazer, wifes bike '02 R6