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  • to much oil

    So i wasnt home and my brother decided to mess with the bike. sitting on the side stand he didnt see any oil in the window. so he fills it till you can see the oil on the full mark while the bike is leaning on the stand. what would be the easiest way to siphon or get some of that out so it can be reset without having a centerstand (looking for one if anyone has one for sale) and without having to do a full oil change

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    You can use a turkey baster with a rubber hose on the end to use it where you put the oil in or just loosen the plug and let some oil out. You'll get some oil on your hand but it's no biggie. Do yourself a favor and buy a Fumoto valve and this problem would be fixed in about 20 seconds.
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      clear tubing and gravity has worked for me in the past, and the clear tubing keeps you from getting a mouthful of oil
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        Or just drain it into a pan and pour what you need back into the bike .
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