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02 kat clutch problems PLEASE HELP

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  • 02 kat clutch problems PLEASE HELP

    my clutch starts to catch to far out. i adjusted the adjuster on the lever and pulled the fairings off and adjusted the one on the motor. i just replaced the clutch last season with a barnett clutch kit and have only put 4,000 on it since then i cant think that the clutch is shot after 4,000 and it doesnt slip either anyone have any imput????

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    If you follow the step-by-step guides on adjusting it , and the parts are in good shape , then it's adjusted . May just have to get used to it . It SHOULD be fully engaged until it gets close to all the way out .
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      thats a good thing my kat 2002 -600 does the same ,just dont have to pull all the way in to shift ...i hear barrnet clutch friction plates sweal and stick if not used for some time barrnet springs are great - i like vesrah clutches