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help me get it running please!!!

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  • help me get it running please!!!

    ok i got the bike in non running condition everything looks good it was stored inside.i hooked the battery charger up to the battery and let it go for a few hours then i tried to turn over the bike and got nothing!where should i start now i know it is going to be a process of elimination but where do i start and what do i look for???any help is greatly appreciated!!ty in advance
    1992 katana 600f "working progress"

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    check the kick stand switch, make sure its not in gear, you can also bypass the clutch switch to see if thats the prob


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      i did check the kick stand switch i have heard they are notorious for problems.the bike was not in gear and if it was would that make the headlight and turn signals not work?
      1992 katana 600f "working progress"


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        buy a battery


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          Got a multimeter ? I'd start by checking battery voltage .... Yeah , I know, you charged it . But it might not be HOLDING a good enough charge to do anything ....
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            Yeah start with a new battery, that one will probably be shot if it sat dead for an extended time. Theen you eliminated step 1.
            Must read for carb tuners......


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              AFTER THE BATT, check ALL of the fuses, and if in doubt, replace them.
              after that, its all electrical diagnosis, wich is easier than spelling those two words, you just need a crash course on how to work a DMM.
              power has to get to the starter via the solenoid wich is activated by power from the start switch. soooooo......
              power starts at the batt, then goes to the kill switch, then start switch, then to the clutch and sidestand switches, then finally to the solenoid, wich is just a BIG lightswitch worked by a electromagnet turned on by the start switch
              the start switch activates the solenoid

              Hell, you can always just use a piece of metal across the two large bolts on the solenoid to crank the motor.(that's what happens inside it anyways)

              I would start by using a test light or dmm to check for voltage going to the killswitch, then to the start switch, then it's off to the clutch and sidestand switches, then off to the sol.
              if you can't tell wich wire is "in" and wich one is "out" flip the switch and see wich one loses power,(that one is "out" to the next component in the line) then move on to the next thing down the line untill you find something that doesn't work.
              If you need a wiring diagram, search for it in the search bar at the top of the page.
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                battery, fuses, circuit breaker or main fuse. after eliminating them sit down with your wiring diagram and start tracing how the power runs thru the system. (using the diagram from a '90 750 for this example) start at the battery with the red wire, follow it thru the main fuse or circuit breaker, and on up to the ignition switch, from there the orange wire brings power back to the fuse block. orange with yellow stripe from the fuse block to the side stand relay, exits as orange/black and runs to the right hand switch pod connector. at the connector it changes color to orange/blue to the engine stop switch, exits the switch as orange/white back to the connector block, then to the starter switch. exits the starter switch as yellow/green, runs to the clutch safety switch and back out still as yellow/green to the starter relay. exits the starter relay via black/white to ground.

                this really sounds worse than it is, but it really makes sense when you trace it on the paper of the wiring diagram.
                99% of the questions asked here can be answered by a 2 minute search in the service manual. Get a service manual, USE IT.
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                  alright you guys have been very helpfull so far give me a few days to get out there and test everything with the muliti meter and grab a new battery.thanks so far!
                  1992 katana 600f "working progress"