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  • 96 600 exhaust

    Well Im about ready to primer and paint my fairings, update the suspension. I figure I may as well look into getting a different exhaust while im at it..I read that I have the option of changing the oil pan, oil pick up, and much does this option cost me? And is there any aftermarket exhaust made for my current stock setup? I would like to go to single exhuast instead of the stock duel

    Any help would be appreciated..and I have no problem with used parts so If you got something laying around that you wanna part with let me know!

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    I have thought about the same mod. From what I gather, you would need the 4-1 headers off a post or bandit and will need to either dent your oil pan slightly, or use the post oil pan. In addition, I think there might be some rejetting of the carbs with the 4-1 swap.
    The cost depends on what you can get the used parts for, but I would plan on about $500 +.

    All my searching has told me that you won't see any performance gains, only asthetic.

    I have thought of trying to find some carbon cans to use with the dual setup, or possibly some Duc Monster cans.

    Hope this helps.


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      I've been wondering as well. I've also been wondering what prevents someone from just having a shop custom bend the exhaust in that one spot, cause from what I hear, the oil pan just barely gets in the way. What if you just have a little bend put in that spot? that seems to make plenty of sense...


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        umm anyone?


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          Originally posted by Dart032 View Post
          And is there any aftermarket exhaust made for my current stock setup? I would like to go to single exhuast instead of the stock duel
          Yosh & V&H have pre Kat systems . Think you have to get them for the 750 , but it'll still work ....
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            There are pre 4-1 systems out there, but limited choices. If your wanting to have a much wider range in choices of the can you have installed, then you would want to consider the post oil pan and header swap.

            Prices will be based upon how and where you find the parts needed. Sometimes peeps are posting up full post systems really cheap here. Arsenic may have the post pan and pickup for you.

            Here is a full write up about doing the swap....


            You won't NEED to rejet unless the post headers have the welds ground out, but it won't hurt to do it.

            It's correct your looking at minimal performance upgrades by doing either...

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              I dont really care about performance Its not a track bike lol..i consider performance a smooth ride doing what I tell it to lol. thanks guys