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suzuki engine lubricants

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  • suzuki engine lubricants

    hey is oil the only fluid i need too add or is there clutch and transmission fluid too ? thanks for a any advice yall can give

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    The engine oil is shared by the clutch and the transmission.

    As far as fluids go, you need DOT4 (or whatever your manual recommends) for the brakes.


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      awesome thats what i thought always helps too get a second opinion though i appreciate your help


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        Just make sure that when you change your oil you use "Motorcycle" oil and not just "Automobile" oil. Regular Automobile Oil has friction modifiers that do not work well in a transmission situation. Make sure the bottle states that it meets the standards in your manual. My 05 600 manual recommends the following requirements of SF/SG or SH/SJ or JASO classification of MA.

        The first time I bought oil the bozo at Autozone gave me the wrong stuff. I was glad I checked my manual when I got home.


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          Brake Fluid for the Kat: Use DOT 4. Preferred brands are Castrol GT LMA 4+, and as a back-up, Valvoline PowerSynth (DOT 4). Both are higher than DOT 4 in terms of dry temp, both are absolutely clear (easy to see contamination and when you're done flushing); the Castrol will support a little more water than the Valvoline. PepBoys carries both normally.

          As for oil:

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