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Can a SRAD 97 750 carb fit into Katana 600 88 model? Plseeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Can a SRAD 97 750 carb fit into Katana 600 88 model? Plseeeeeeeeeeee

    I have a problem with my 1988 katana 600. Very hard to start. And obviously cannot start if the engine idling and died by itself.

    I've upgrade the battery to a bigger 12 instead of 10 original one. Improved on the starter sound (it rev faster). But still dont solve the problem.

    My mechanis told me maybe the carburetor is the problem. So is it possible to change my standard carb to SRAD 97 750 since it quite easy to get.


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    Why not just clean out your carbs? Save you the $$ of a new set with a couple cans of carb cleaner and/or bottle of Seafoam/Techron, and a couple of hours?

    I think the SRAD ones are bigger than the Kat carbs, I think people here were using those on the 1100 Kats but may be too big for the 600.
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      carburetors carbs Suzuki GSX600F Katana 600 88-89


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        Srad carbs are downdraft so thats a non starter
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          That, and the sync ports are on the bottom, which doesn't make much sense, because you have to remove the carbs to tune them. I spose one could put extensions on the ports.

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            never mind, I HAD a set of 88-89 600 carbs


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              Katana carb 1988

              How about a WP model GSXR 750?

              Anyone have tried before or if there's other option, plse.

              I have no idea since I came from different background. Any idea is welcome.

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                Just pull your carbs, clean them out well, and resynch them. Kat carbs are very easy to pull apart and clean.

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