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collapsed tensioner

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  • collapsed tensioner

    my chain tensioner on the left side of swing collapsed on me while i was mid to full throttle knockin into 2nd all of the sudden bam got hit in the leg with thre chain and the rear wheel pulled in and cocked to he right!! any ideas why this may of happened?

    and also i made new end plates for the tensioners where it collapsed outa some steel i had layin around so i tightened the tesioners up and left the required play in chain and i ran it a lil hard back and forth in parking lot got off to check em and they were loose again but no bends in it whats goin on here???

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    are you setting the torque on the axle bolt properly? and are you stunting with the bike? judging by your username I'm gonna say yes. the kat is a heavy bike. if you are clutching it up for wheelies you are putting alot of stress on those tensioners. they aren't meant for that kind of abuse.


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      The stock end plates are very thin, do a search for Bandit adjusters and you'll see how some folks have upgraded to those.

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        Are you sure that you have all the parts?

        Define "collapsed"

        Sounds like it was over torqued...

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          by collapsed i mean i hit the throtle n switched 2nd gear and bam the plate bent inside the swing arm....n no i dont stunt my katana i got another bike for that!! yea im pretty sure i got all the parts in there i origionally forgot the washer thats in there but i put it in before this happened....can someone tell me what the proper torque is on mine???


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            Torque to creak.
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              I have a set of the bandit adjusters rear-insets here if anyone needs 'em...

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                Axle torque is I BELIEVE 37-54 ft/lbs or something . I just torque mine to like 45-50 and call it a day .
                My old plate was bent , too . I got a new one a while back , and no signs of it happening again .
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