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Good deal @ the Mechanic?

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  • Good deal @ the Mechanic?

    I just purchased a 1999 Katana 600, I took it to the Mechanic to get it repaired now he is telling me that the chain was tightend too much so it bent the front sporckets and almost screwed up the transmission to make a long story short he is charging 120 for the carbs cleaned and sycned, he said it needed to be sysned and cost extra since my bike is jetted. He is charging $130 for a tune up and 300 to put in the n ew sprockets including parts and labor.

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    You can do the sprockets and chain your self and save you the $300. Changing out the sprockets is very easy task. Has for the carbs I would pay to have that done since I do own the tools to do it.


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      I would suggest air tools though to assist in removal of the front sprocket. It can be a pain.
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        Try to do the chain/sporckets yourself. beg borrow or steal an impact wrench for the front sprocket.
        with the saved $300 you can go for new tires or corbin seat, or tinted screen and tank bra or anything else you need!!!


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          he may have bent the shaft that the front sprocket sits on if it was that tight...... thats what could have been bent


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            sounds like the mechanic is laying into you for his loan paymens for his car. DIY!!!
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              Originally posted by duff daddy
              he may have bent the shaft that the front sprocket sits on if it was that tight...... thats what could have been bent
              very, very, very unlikely. for a chain to be tight enough to bend the shaft, you would certainly notice...or should. you would almost need an impact to draw it up that tight. personally, i think your mechanic is taking you for a ride. you can get a very good set of sprockets and a chain for no more than $150....and a mechanic who knows what he is doing SHOULD have them changed in well under an hour. He is charging like $150/hr labor.
              As for the carbs.....$120 isn't so bad if you really can't do them yourself....but he is bs'ing you if he claims it is much more difficult just cuz it's jetted.
              seriously, you are probably better off at a dealers. Tghis guy must be a "shadetree" mechanic the way it sounds.

              I took my bike into the dealers for peace of mind, plus I just didn't want to be bothered. For $425, they adjusted the valves, changed the plugs, oil/filter, adjusted/synched the carbs, run it on an exhaust analyzer, changed the air filter and put on a new choke cable. Personally, I found that to be very reasonable. Your mechanic sounds a bit fishy to me....but hey...that's just my humble opinion.

              $550 to do what your mechanic claims you need.....a bit much if you ask me.
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