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  • cant start bike

    Hey guys i have a 1998 kat 600. And i had my chain come off while riding and broke my frot sprocket cover. This was about three weeks ago. I have all the parts but i am still waiting on the little retainer that goes behind the front sprocket. So my question is I dont have a cover on and I was going to try and start my bike to let it run a while, and I can not get it into nuetral to start it since there is no cover i dont have a clutch either. Is there a reason i can not get it into neutral?

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    have you tried rockng the bike slightly back and forth while trying to find neutral


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      no i have not. i will try that tommrrow. thanks


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        If it's not running , it's simple ..... Tap down on the shifter (you CAN attach part of it so can still still shift without the cover on .... I've used vicegrips before ) , as many times as will positively engage . Then when it stops engaging , grab the sprocket and turn clockwise while pushing down on the shifter until you get all the way to first . Then , lightly tap back on the shifter until it falls into neutral . It'll almost drop in itself with very little effort . If you can make THIS work , you ain't doin it right , and should try again ....
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