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How bad do these emulsion tubes look?

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  • How bad do these emulsion tubes look?

    As bad as I think? It was tough getting the slide guides out so this is the first I've ever seen of these emulsion tubes.
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    While the od of the emulsion tube does make a difference, The crucial part is the clearance between the needle and the concentricity of the id of the needle jet. If the id is oblong or worn on one side change it.



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      +1 , you're looking for the needle and tube to be as concentric as possible. You want a nice match there. Use an eye loupe or mag glass to look at the ID of the tube.

      Also, make sure you check all the small ports on the emul tube to make sure there is no blockage. Soak in carb cleaner or clean with toothbrush bristles then blow out with canned air.
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        I've seen worse, but not by very much.

        Look for a product at AutoZone or Advanced Auto Parts called "Barryman's Carb Dip" I think it's about $20 for a gallon bucket of the stuff. Just be careful not to get it on your clothes, or garage floor because it will stink.

        It comes in a gallon pail, and should eat most of the crap off the tubes. Then you can inspect for an "egg shape" or clogged passages.

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