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Help in the D.C. Metro Area

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  • Help in the D.C. Metro Area

    So I wanna get my hands dirty and would really appreciate some guidance of the in-person kind. I've worked on my cars a few times and I feel pretty confident about following directions but sometimes there are those little things you need to know that aren't always in the directions.

    So My bike is running a bit weird. it's rideable but I'm pretty sure the carbs need to be cleaned and synced up. So I'm looking for someone in the DC metro area that wouldn't mind helping me out, Maybe you have some work that needs to get done also.

    I have a well lit garage with probally every tool we could need, including compressor and air tools for the hard stuff. the only thing I don't have is a Carb Syncer.

    I will provide beer and pizza/food, and a helping hand for anything that you may need to get done.

    Reply here or PM if your interested.


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    Might have better luck posting it here:

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