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Stripped Lower bolt on fork tube HELP!

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  • Stripped Lower bolt on fork tube HELP!

    O.K so I am not new to the bike scene, but here is the issue. I was changing out the fork seal on my 96 750 Kat and the right lower bolt just stripped right out.. The allen head is almost round now..

    Has anyone had this issue and if so how did you remedy this ?

    Can the head be drilled off ??

    Has anyone changed their seal without taking them apart ?? (I know, not very smart)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    Thanks for the help in advance
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    you have to use a drill and drill a small hole throgh the middle of the bolt and then go to the hardware store and get a bolt extractor and it will have directions on it.


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      I might try that and see what happens.. Thanks for the reply.
      "I am not going faster officer, everyone else is going slower than I was"


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        Do NOT try an extractor! If you break it off you are phukt! Get a drill bit big enough to drill the head off the bolt, separate the tube from the lower & then you will be able to remove the rest of the bolt. Make sure you use a bit big enough to remove the entire head so the tube will separate from the leg. Ray.
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          I agree with Ray, Get a 5/16" drill bit and slowly & carefully drill the head and it should pop off once you are through, The bolt itself is a 8mm and that is the same as a 5/16" bit. The head of the bolt should only be about 1/4" thick and they are a soft bolt anyway so be careful and take it SLOWLY.



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            Yeah the more I thought about the extractor, I decided no on that one.. I am going to try the drill bit idea. I have a tool that slides into the stripped part of the head and when you turn it, it will drive itself into the bolt head.. Then if that does not work I will drill it.

            Thanks for all the ideas.

            Gotta love the old bikes...
            "I am not going faster officer, everyone else is going slower than I was"


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              i had the same thing happen on mine i used the next size up Allen ground it on my grinder till it was about a 6.5 then hammered it in then used a impact and it came right out could have used a ratchet and taped/hit the handle to remove but i had an impact so i used it then got some new bolts for both sides
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