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vacuum line coming from right side of the bike

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  • vacuum line coming from right side of the bike

    The bike is a 1995 Katana 600I was taking the gas tank off today to replace the choke cable and such and i notice a vacuum line not hooked up... I wasnt really sure where it went, I was pressed for time and i just left it. Does anyone know where it should go?

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    From the right side of the carbs to the petcock most likely.

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      are you talking about a tube on the bottom of the tank? It's a drain hose, it goes to nothing.


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        well the line that is off has vacuum coming from it so it sounds like it needs to go to the petcock thing or whatever u call it lol


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          If it is coming from the right side of the carburetors and running across to the left side, it goes to the back of the fuel petcock to allow fuel to come out of it. Your petcock is SUPPOSED to not flow fuel unless it has vacuum (engine running) if it is in the ON position (pointing down). If the knob is pointed forward, that is the PRIME position and will flow fuel all the time.


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