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Documenting My Troubleshooting of Lowbeam Issues

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  • Documenting My Troubleshooting of Lowbeam Issues


    My '01 Kat 600 recently developed an intermittent issue with lowbeams not functioning. Highbeams function perfectly. The problem went from "intermittent" to "permanent" a couple nights ago.

    Cracked open both handlebar clusters and examined solder joints, then liberally applied a half-can of electrical cleaner. No change.

    Fairly certain it's not the dimmer switch itself, as tapping it and switching it on and off didn't make the lights blink on (multimeter test will be step after next). Cleaned the starter switch contacts (it was mentioned in a similar thread), no change.

    So, my logic follows: The bulbs themselves are fine, and go out together; so not a single loose bulb. Highbeams work; no ground issue, as high and lows use the same ground [source]. Ignition switch should be fine, as both high and low beams are tied to it. Lowbeam fuse is good; checked it, swapped it with a known good (didn't trust my initial inspection, heh).

    So, unless I've missed something crucial, this narrows the problem to a pretty small area. My first suspect is one of the two connectors between the dimmer and the headlights. I'm thinking poor connection or dirty contacts. Second on my suspect list would be a worn wire jacket.

    I did get some light flicker on my last trip down to Knotts Island over some rough patches of road. Whatever the issue turns out to be, it's susceptible to movement. I'll be wiggling wires *grin*

    Next step is electric cleaner on contacts, followed by some dielectric grease. Just need a good time to strip fairings... Everytime it's not raining, it's riding weather, and I couldn't possibly be bothered with tracing wires, haha.

    I'll post updates as I proceed!


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    Check the wires at the fork. Most likely its routed wrong or got up against something. Probably broke and when you hit a bump it makes momentary contact. Or the filament in the bulb is broke but moves around and makes contact intermittently


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      I'd try the wiggle test and check all connectors.
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        Knew a guy that found a burned connector in one of the wire harnesses that caused one beam to not work .....
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          I'm sure you checked the bulbs for continuity right?
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            On an '01, if you've eliminated the left pod high/low beam switch, and you've verified the low-beam fuse is not blown, the next step is the bulbs, followed by the 20-pin connectors located above the headlight casing under the fairings.

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              Well, I pulled the third-eye cover, and started playing with the connectors.

              Yellow connector gave intermittent lowbeams when I was messing with it. The connector itself is on there pretty tight; couldn't get it disconnected after a minute of playing with it. Unfortunately, I was on a timetable and only had a couple minutes to work on it, so I hadda close it back up before resolving the issue.

              At least I narrowed it down! Gonna give it more attention after work today.



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                Check out the pic at the end .....
                I am a fluffy lil cuddly lovable bunny , dammit !

                Katrider's rally 2011 - md86