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  • new rider quick question

    well 2 questions

    Ok im sitting at the light ive had my kat for 6 days now and everytime i put it into first it gives a hard click and jumps about half an inch. ive ridden ninja 250's and an 81 shadow niether of them did this. clutch was depressed all the way the chain is kinda tight but taking care of that soon.

    2nd question. when i hit around 6k rpm the bike develops a flutter like rev and im hearing popping sound. i do work on cars and im thinking its the valves or i need a tunup wich im planning on today. but i would like to hear some opinions incase i am wrong (wich happens quite a bit lol) plus seems like you guys and girls are the pros on kats. thanks

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    The little lurch when you shift into 1st is normal. Don't sweat it. Try running some seafoam or Techron through the bike a couple times. See if that fixes the problem.

    You don't say what kind of miles are on your bike, but even may want to do a tune up on it. Change the oil, plugs, valve adjust, carb sync.
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      Quick questions, quick answers... +1 on the tune-up. First thing I do if there's anything funky going on with the bike is check all the adjustments and replace filters. Make sure everything you can affect easily is right before you go looking for trouble.
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        oh there is 13890 on bike