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over heating???

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  • over heating???

    Ok guys got a quick i was out riding and it was 42 Degrees out Celcius...which is i believe 105 F if im correct..anyways i got stuck in traffic and i could just see my engine starting to rev higher and usually runs at about 1100-1300RPM it got up to 2000RPM and i believe its air cooled..and the bike was hot to touch everywhere around the engine. is this bad for my engine? how fast do i need to be going to cool it down and how high can the RPM go before it over heats...thanks in advance.
    Eric - Mississauga - 01' Katana 600

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    Re: over heating???

    If you engine keeps climbing up in RPM, reach down and turn down the throttle thumbwheel on the left side of the engine openings in the fairings. While this won't keep you from overheating, it will reduce the rate at which overheating can occur (since you are reducing the rate at which heat gets added into the engine). You can always turn it back up later.

    Yes, overheating the engine isn't good for the components... how hot it has to get to be truly overheated is a matter of debate, but I have an actual oil temp gauge installed and use 320 - 340 degrees F -- or about 160-170 (C) as my benchmark of being too hot -- where I have to undertake some kind of action to correct for it (either finding an alternative route where I can keep some forward motion at low RPM's, or parking, or dumping water on the oil cooler to help shuttle off the heat).

    I think the quality of the oil is critical in situations like this -- the better the oil, the better it's ability to tolerate such heat without breaking down and giving up it's protective qualities. It's a large part of why I make my oil recommendations the way I do...

    Meanwhile, I can't tell you what the "rising" RPM level is for safe temps, but I do sell the oil temp gauges at that will work in your Kat and always give you the answer definitively.

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