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what is easier changing front sprocket or rear

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  • what is easier changing front sprocket or rear

    I have changed the rear 4 times and it blows. is the front any easier?
    When I ride to the gap I will have a 45 tooth rear but when i get there I will put a 50 tooth on but if changing the front is easier I will put the stock 47 tooth back on and bring a -1 front sprocket to the gap for a quick change. any info?

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    You will have to have an impact wrench to get the front one off. The rear one is alot easier to get on and off. The front one you will have to take off the gear shift lever, then about 6 allen head screws. Then after that you have a set nut then a about a 24mm nut that you will have to use an impact wrench to get it off with. So I would say changing the rear out is alot easier. Also why do you want to go to a 50 tooth? I ran a 47 up there on the rear just fine. I did have -1 up front though. Just curious as to why you want that set up.


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      I changed sprockets to a 45 instead of the 49 . I rode 14thousand miles last year and put 4k on the 49 tooth, i didnt like the set up for all the miles I do. It did all right in the twisties but I missed the snap of the 49 tooth so I will buy a 50 tooth for the gap I will just have to change it out.


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        front sprocket

        read my post about changing the front sprocket.

        the rear is easier but the front is going to have less affect on the needed
        chain length.



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          Huh , it was a breeze changing my front , but I couldn't even get the rear off with an impact driver ! Maybe I'll try again in the spring ...
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            I think both sprockets are a b*tch th first time. The "Loc-tite" suzuki uses seem pretty strong. I wrestled with both front and back. Now that I've done both a couple times neither is a problem.

            Easiest to switch "on the fly". The Rear Sprocket as long as the chain is the proper length. Why? cause I hate taking the cowlings off to do the front.
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              Thanks everyone on the input


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                If I'm going to race or something, I take along a whole other HUB with a sprocket mounted already on it...........that way it only take about 10 minutes to simply change out the rear wheel, swap hubs, and reinstall!!! Once you have the wheel off, posp off the old hub & on with the new one.

                ONLY PROBLEM: Don't forget: The chain is NOW differnet!!!!! May NOT fit! I only go up about two links max..............

                I have extra hubs here.........they run about $25.
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                  Originally posted by md86
                  Huh , it was a breeze changing my front , but I couldn't even get the rear off with an impact driver ! Maybe I'll try again in the spring ...
                  I was thinking the same thing. I think the front is easier myself. Neither is hard!
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