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My other bikes got carb problems.

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  • My other bikes got carb problems.

    I picked up a 1400 Intruder as a project and it is having fueling problems. It idles and revs through the whole range just fine w/out load. When I'm out on the road it stumbles badly when accelerating through the low to mid range and occasionally backfires through the exhaust.

    It has aftermarket Cobra slip ons and the previous owner claims that the carbs were re-jetted.

    I'm no mechanical genius (this bike is my learning tool) and I thought maybe someone with a little more knowledge than me could help me narrow it down. I'm not sure if it's running too lean, too rich, or if it's something I have'nt thought of.

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    it's not a back fire, it's an after fire. Let me guess it's on deceleration? It's running too lean.


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      Yeah , I'd say maybe the person who "jetted it" did it wrong .....
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