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looking for some advice bike wont run

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  • looking for some advice bike wont run

    I am trying to help a friend get his new bike going. He bought it wrecked and cant get it going. First off it is not a Katana, its a 2003 ZX6, but many of you seem very knowledgeable about most bikes so I figured I would try here first. The bike runs as long as you hold the start button but dies as soon as you let go of it. I first thought it was just cranking the whole time, but you can here the starter shutting off(I think), once it fires. Any suggestions. I would really like to get him going so I can have another person to ride with.
    Thanks, in advance

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    Well, you only need three things for the engine to work (provided it is in good health mechanically): oxygen, fuel and ignition. Oxygen is usually a gimme and ignition is probably the easiest place to start. Is this bike fuel injected or carbureted? You could always spray a tiny bit of starter fluid into the intake to see if she fires. If it will run, you know the ignition system is, at least, functioning.
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      I need to see a wiring diagram to be of any help.


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        Originally posted by joe View Post
        oxygen, fuel and ignition.
        not quite. What you need are fuel, spark (ignition), and TIMING FOR COMPRESSION, not just oxygen.


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          Don't know about the bike you are working on, but some starter relays have a lead that energises the ignition while you are cranking. Could be the key switch is not energising the ignition and it's only seeing voltage from the starter relay/solenoid while cranking. If this is the case I'd look for ignition fuse/fuses.


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            Thanks for the responses everyone. I talked to him today and it is running like a top. He replaced the battery and it took off. Pretty simple fix, I never get that lucky!