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any ideas for gaining some low-end throttle response?

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  • any ideas for gaining some low-end throttle response?

    I just bolted on a custom-made exhaust to my 02 Kat 600, and have noticed since then I've lost a decent amount of low-end throttle. As soon as I get it to about 6K and above, the thing absolutely takes off. Any ideas as to how I can get some low-end response back? Here's the list of mechanical changes:

    Custom exhaust (increased pipe diameter by 2)
    5 degree advancer
    Ivan's jet kit, A/F's tuned per Ivan's instructions

    Carbs have NOT been synced using carbtune, just visual so far. There isn't a cylinder heating up dramatically above another, they're all pretty uniform.

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    that should do it


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      Lack of backpressure might be the reason why you lost low-end torque
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        Bloody hell, how much did those run you back if you don't mind me asking?


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          Originally posted by Cheech View Post
          Bloody hell, how much did those run you back if you don't mind me asking?

          +1 and where do I get some?
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            I got them on ebay, for $551 BIN, they are 36mm RS series carbs, they also came with all of this:


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              Or you could go 3-4 teeth bigger on the rear sprocket & the bike will haul A$$!!! You will lose about 10 mph top end but so what! The new gearing will be WAY more fun!!! Ray.
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                I agree Ray, I have a 14/50 gearing combo. My 98+ OEM gearing should be 15/47


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                  I'd say the loss of low end is definately no enough back flow restriction... but then that would also be why the top end seems more... it needs more flow.

                  Since it's a custom exhaust, is it possible for you to add in a restrictor of some sort to tweak a little on the pressure?... If you added one that was "on the fly" adjustable you could tweak it to where you want the most power.

                  I went up 3 teeth on the back of mine, running a 15/50 now. I like it alot as well, and would compensate for that low end a little I think. Best results would be to do both I think....

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