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  • Quick Wheel Question

    Will the wheels off an 86 GSX750 (rear) and 86 GSX1100 (front) work on an 88 GSX600 AND with the rotors- i have heard that these are special only to the 88 model. Thanks all!
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    Yep, I believe only the 88's had those 6 spoke wheels. I'm guessing you mean 86 GSXR750 for the rear wheel? If so, I'm not sure if it will work, but I am sure that I wouldn't do it. I had an 86 Gix750, and I was told by numerous people that the wheels on the 1st gen gixxers were easily broken if they encountered any side loads. Looking at them, it did look like you could kick one of the spokes and break them. Also, those wheels should be just as narrow as your current wheels. My bike had a 140-series rear tire on it. It actually may have been an 18 inch rim, too, I don't quite remember. Hopefully someone else can chime in here.
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      I need to do a wheel swap myself, and I inquired about this from a swingarm company. According to them, the options for swaps are almost unlimited.
      Apparently, the biggest hurdle is the cush drive.
      For example, I want to go from my skinny 16in x 3.5in stock rim to a Busa rim. There is a 1/2in diff in the with of my swingarm to that of a Busa swingarm, and my swingarm is 1/2in wider than a 750 kat swingarm.
      So...for the cushdrive.....some stick out a lot farther than others. It is the cush drive that determines the chain alignment. As long as the cushdrive aligns the chain properly with the wheel you choose to use, then you are in business. Everything else is cake. Bearings can easily be fitted if your shaft doesnt fit, as well as brake calipers.
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