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ignition problems

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  • ignition problems

    i have 1993 katana 750 that starts great when warm out but takes a bit when cold. What can i do to change that? Or is it just a cold natured bike? any help would be great. thanks!

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    The Kat's are a cold-blooded beast. What you can do is install the Factory Pro 5 degree ignition advancer to help with warm-up and throttle responce.

    I believe Cyberpoet still sells them. Check in the Vendor section of the For Sale stuff.

    I found it, here's his page:
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      The 5 degree advancer will definitely help. As will making sure the carbs are cleaned, sync'd and the A/F screws tweaked a bit (really lean from the factory, makes it even colder natured).


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        what exactly is a Factory Pro 5 degree ignition advancer and what does it do?


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          advances the ignition 5 degrees. Honestly though, there is a rotor at the end of your crankshaft. As the crankshaft spins, the signal generator picks up the ignition timing from the rotor. OEM ignition timing is 4 degrees before top dead center (BTDC). With the advancer you remove the stock rotor and replace it with that. The ignition timing (when spark occurs) is 9 degrees BTDC.
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            a fully charged battery will make a huge difference in cold weather starting.
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              sounds easy enough. thanks for the info. I think ill try it.


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                make sure your choke is choking fully
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