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K&N Air Filter Question

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  • K&N Air Filter Question

    I'm curious about the K&N air filter, I have one on my bike (put on by the previous owner) so here are the questions..

    1) How often do you replace the air filter?
    2) Can you clean a K&N
    3) If so, how?

    Thanks guys KYKatowner
    93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!

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    Are they the pods or the element that goes in the stock airbox

    1) you willl never have to replace it
    2)yes they sell all kinds of cleaning kits for them i think they are like 20 for a whole kit that cleans it twice i think
    3)you will probley only need to clean it once or twice the life of the bike

    4)we have one in a truck that we use for farming b/c we were tired of of replacing one every month since it got so dirty, the K&N we take out once every couple of month and shake it and put it back in
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      Hope this will help out a little. Any pepboys, autozone, etc will have the
      cleaning kits usually $20

      20. How do I know when to clean the filter?

      The general rule of thumb is that the filter needs to be cleaned when the dirt build up gets as thick as the wire mesh. The usual interval is 30,000 - 50,000 miles depending on driving conditions. We recommend that you check your filter about once a year in normal usage.

      Service Life

      A K&N Filtercharger can be washed up to 25 times before it is considered no longer serviceable. Even though the filter may not show outward signs of deterioration, it should be replaced after 25 washings. Excessive washings will deplete the tiny cotton hairs that crisscross the openings. The resulting damage will allow tiny dust particles to pass through.
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        Great, looks like I'll be heading to Autozone tomorrow!
        93' 750, I just washed the bugs off, let's go for a ride!


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          My "recharger kit" cleaned my K&N's ALOT more than twice . And they don't need cleaned as often as the stock filters need replaced either , or so I'm told . Dunno if Autozone carries them or not , but any bike shop should ...
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            i think you lcean the filter like every 30k lol in a car so im guessing every 15k on a bike or depending if your in a dusty area then sooner