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  • Amsoil

    Anybody use it?

    I know alot of sportbike riders that use it, and swear by it, filter and oil. Expensive though, about 9.00 a quart depending on where you get it.

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    I don't know much about it either except that I have a couple of Harley riding buddies that swear by it. I use the Suzuki oil and filter. With so many choices I don't know what to go with besides the OEM. Even though I know that some other manuf is probably bottling the oil and making the filter for them.


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      for 8.00+ a quart, it better be the best..but puttin a scotts filter on is the best way to anyways from what I hear..

      i'll probably just stick with the suzuki oil over the winter season, since i'll change it right before I put it away,and then again in the spring b/4 riding.

      I'd like to try the amsoil, but dont know ofanyone thats run it in a kat yet..


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        I'm using the Bel Ray Fully Synthetic Motorycle Specific Oil. No clutch slippage. I noticed a big difference after I changed the oil. I think I will be sticking with it.
        I'm starting to wonder if you all need a beatdown.


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          i use the bel-ray chain lube, and that works great, so I'll check into their oil as well...hhmm, didnt think of that, thanks!


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            I use it. Buy it by the case. It's all I use in all of my bikes... It's what I use in my truck, too... I've read enough oil tests to be convinced it's the best...

            I don't use their oil filters though. I use K&Ns in everything other than the Tuono. That gets OEM...


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              From what I understand, it's a decent oil with a very good additive package, but at a steep price. Here's all you need to know:

              JASO-MA. 10w40.

              That's it. Any oil that meets this set of requirements can be considered "idealized" for your motorcycle.

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