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Is it oil smoke?

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  • Is it oil smoke?

    Hello all,
    Today I bought a 02 Katana 600 with just over 6800 miles. When the guy I bought it from started it he said it smokes for several minutes then runs fine. He mentioned something about oil in the exhaust pipe. Sure enough the smoke quit after a few minutes and I took it for a test ride. She ran great and other wise seemed very sound.

    I loaded the bike into my truck and made the 2.5 hour drive home. When I got home I started it up and it smoked for several minutes then quit. The smoke looked white but smelled like oil. Is this something I should be concerned about? I was thinking about taking it down to my local shop and asking them.


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    You could bring it to your local shop, if the bike wasn't used much then it could be gunk in the carbs from sitting over time. Mix some carb cleaner in your tank and you should be good if that's the case. If not, bring it to a local shop.
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      Are you sure it's not just running rich until it warms up? White smoke is usually not oil burning.


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        A compression check wouldn't hurt either. Oil in the exhaust means oil is getting into the combustion chamber. The two most common reasons for this are worn valve stem seals or bad rings. You usually only see these two issues on older engines or engines that have suffered severe neglect (never had oil changed, PO using cheap oil).

        Oil smoke usually has a bluish-tint to it. White smoke is water vapor/coolant.

        I'm not sure if the 02 kats are still oil cooled or have an water-cooled system.

        Diesel will also burn white in a gas engine but there would be several other indicators for that :mrgreen:
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          My bet is the valve seals are hard & leaking oil down the guides after it's shut off. When you fire it up, it burns it off & then it stops. Have someone follow you while you ride it & watch the exhaust. In first or second gear, ride it up to 5000 rpm & then CLOSE the throttle & slow down to a near stop. Ask whoever is following you if it smokes when you close the throttle. If it does, it is DEFINITELY the seals or maybe guides but with mileage as low as yours, my money is on seals. Ray.
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            Well, the guy took very good care of this Katana. Thanks for all the advice and I will check everything that you mentioned. BTW, can't wait until tomorrow after I call my insurance agent so I can go for a RIDE!



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              But the miles are VERY low . Say , here's a thought , why don't you pull the sprkplugs and see if they look odd .....
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                Valve stem seals. not the end of the world. just ride it and enjoy.